Prenatal Yoga: 10 yoga exercises for a healthy pregnancy

prenatal yoga workout from Jessica Bellofatto of Kama Deva Yoga
Jessica Bellofatto
prenatal yoga poses from Jessica Bellofatto for alignyo

A daily prenatal yoga practice, even if only 10 minutes a day, is extremely beneficial for the pregnant body as well as for your baby. It allows you quiet time to connect with your unborn baby, keeps you strong and flexible, and the techniques of mindful breathing and concentration can help in labor and beyond with the challenges of mothering an infant. Even if you are not an ‘advanced’ yogini, roll out a mat, get on it, and begin to move. Your body and your baby will thank you! Get started with this prenatal yoga sequence from Jessica Bellofatto.

From Jessica: I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my third child, and, as was the case with my last two pregnancies, I am beyond grateful for the gift of my yoga practice as my body changes daily. As individual as our bodies are when we are NOT pregnant, we become even more so during pregnancy.  What feels good and is appropriate for one woman might feel awful to another. Inversions, backbends, supine poses- all are up for interpretation and consideration throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy and beyond. The following are just a few guidelines before continuing and/or embarking on a prenatal yoga practice:

  • If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. I cannot stress this enough. 
  • If you didn’t practice a certain pose prior to becoming pregnant, now is not the time to learn it. Wait until after you have recovered from your labor and birth to add new poses into your repertoire.
  • Modify your pace accordingly, stay well hydrated, and use the ‘talk test’ (if you’re too out of breath to talk, take it down a notch) as a guideline (this is more so for those of you continuing a stronger, vinyasa based or ashtanga practice)
  • Check in with how you feel, not just during your practice, but later on that day and the next day as well. Pregnancy places so much demand on the body that it is important to not overtax and deplete the body through physical activity. Any exercise, be it yoga, swimming, running, etc. should nurture, nourish and energize us.

Try this prenatal yoga sequence in the mornings upon awakening. I find it gets the kinks out after a less than restful sleep as I toss and turn from one side to the other trying to get comfortable!

Grab your mat and click here for the prenatal yoga sequence from Jessica Bellofatto.


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