Dog training

Jess Gronholm of Dirty Yoga Co.
Jess Gronholm of Dirty Yoga Co.

There’s no such thing as a bad (downward) dog, just ones that need love, care and attention. Jess Gronholm, the yogi behind cool new “fine online yoga” site Dirty Yoga Co. breaks down the fundamentals of this foundational pose, providing tips for everyone from dudes with tight shoulders to super flexible yoginis. Watch this quick video and you just might have one of those a-ha moments when a pose goes from good to great.

Get to know yogi's best friend, down dog, a little better: 

Dirty Yoga Co.

“This can be a really easy pose or it can be a really challenging pose," Jess says. "It really depends on your hamstrings, your hips, your shoulders...pretty much everything, but it’s a great place to warm your body up.” 



Nice explanation for people who need tips on how to do downdog better.

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