Calm down: 5 yoga poses for holiday stress relief

calm down: yoga for stress relief from Jessica Bellofatto for alignyo
yoga for holiday stress relief
by Jessica Bellofatto

With the holiday season upon us, a regular yoga practice aids in keeping us sane and happy amidst the stress of travel, family, social obligations, and the like. Jessica Bellofatto shares five yoga poses to help you calm down and relieve holiday stress

It is always strange to me that during this time of year when we are meant to be a bit more reclusive in keeping with the natural rhythms of nature (the equinox on December 21 being the darkest, shortest day of the year), we are asked to do just the opposite and many of us find ourselves way too busy, out late, partying more than usual, eating and drinking too much food that doesn’t truly nourish or support us. No wonder we feel particularly stressed this time of year, and are susceptible to getting sick as well.

Practice this short, simple sequence at any time of day and feel the immediate stress relieving effects. 

Calm down now with these five yoga poses for holiday stress relief

About the Author

Jessica Bellofatto

Jessica Bellofatto, founder and director of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, Ny, is best known for her easy laughter, radiant energy, and matchless knowledge of the body. A mother, yogini, doula, surfer, triathlete, and avid stand up paddleboarder (and now SUP racer), Jessica has inspired thousands of students in their journey to better understand themselves and their world. A former dancer, Jessica teaches from a deep understanding of movement as art, movement as play, movement as therapy, and especially, movement as a spiritual practice. She is also interested in the stillness within and between the movement; the spaciousness of silence.  Jessica teaches sold out yoga retreats around the world and is most happy outside, in nature, preferably wet.


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