An amazing yoga weight loss video

Arthur Boorman's DDP yoga weight loss
Arthur Boorman
Photo: yrgregularguy
by Liz Eustace

Here's a little inspiration to get you on the mat. Meet Arthur Boorman, a man who set out to change his entire world with the help of yoga. Arthur began doing Dallas Diamond Page (DDP) Yoga videos everyday and went from barely being able to walk to...well, you'll see. Get ready to be inspired and amazed.

How has yoga impacted your life this year?

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I liked the information you

I liked the information you shared.


This is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Amazing Arthur Boorman

As I sit on this snowy afternoon feeling sorry for myself and bemoaning the weight I have put on over the past four months I went to the alignyo website. I saw the title "an amazing weight loss video" and thought - oh yeah whats that all about. Well I sit here after watching the four minute video of Arthur's transformation and what a steady yoga practice will do for you and I think to myself - get up off your sorry butt - you have nothing to complain about! I do have significant back issues due to a car accident several years ago - I've been told that surgery is probobly the only option - and not one that I am all that fond of. I also have extensive arthritis in my wrist - aggrevated from a year and a half of lifting weights. Congratulations Arthur! Your relentless pursuit of health and movement, your determination - even when you fell - all moved me. Moved me out of the chair, onto my yoga mat and a half hour stretch. I may pay for that tomorrow but you didn't give up and either will I. Thanks for sharing! You inspire me!!

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