30-minute Heart Opening Yoga for Valentine's Day

YogaVibes Open Heart: Yoga for Athletes video
Show yourself some love with YogaVibes and Sage Rountree

Take 30 minutes out of your day to show yourself some love. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our friends at YogaVibes are hooking alignyo readers up with this free 30-minute Open Heart: Yoga for Athletes practice. In this class, led by Sage Rountree, you’ll open the front of the chest and hips and ease into backbends. As if this wasn’t enough of a V-Day treat, alignyo readers get a free month of YogaVibes via code alignyo1month. Ain’t that sweet? Offer ends March 14th, 2014.

From YogaVibes: In this short online yoga class for athletes, chair sitters, and everyone, we focus on opening the front of the chest and hips. Relax into both supported and active backbends as you address all areas of the chest and shoulders to find greater ease, expansion, and openness through the center of your body. Sage Rountree is an endurance coach athlete, author of The Athlete's Guide to Yoga, and regular contributor to the Active Yogi column on YogaJournal.com. Have a rolled up blanket or extra yoga mat available.


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