3 calorie-blasting yoga workouts to try now

Yoga workouts: calorie blasting yoga workouts for the day after Thanksgiving.
Twist off the turkey with this Fall Detox Flow video from YourBuddhi.
by Liz Eustace

We hope you enjoyed and savored every bite of your Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Now it’s time to jumpstart your digestion, sweat out those toxins and burn off those calories. We’ve rounded up 3 yoga workouts to help you get moving. You’ll sweat, breathe, flow and still have plenty of time to lie around with your family and enjoy leftovers. Grab your mat and go. 

Yoga for Weight Loss, Level 1-2

This yoga for weight loss video from YogaDownload is ideal for all levels of yogis (so this one might be good to do if you have family or friends over who are newer to yoga). We like that yoga teacher Dawnelle Arthur focuses on stimulating the thyroid and building internal heat to change the body and promote weight loss.  

Fall Detox Flow

The ladies of YourBuddhi created this 20-minute Fall Detox Flow exclusively for you, alignyo readers. This creative sequence includes lots of detoxifying twists and yoga poses that tone your entire body. You’ll feel light and refreshed afterwards. 

Xen Strength Shape Up

Grab a pair of weights and get ready to sculpt, lengthen and challenge every muscle in Danielle Diamond’s Xen Strength Shape Up workout. You’ll do a little bit of everything in under 30 minutes, including squat, lunge, flow and sweat. 

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