20-minute upper body yoga flow

Amanda McCarrol and Carolina Vivas of YourBuddhi yoga
Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas

Tone your arms, shoulders and core in time for tank top season with this 20-minute upper body flow created exclusively for alignyo from Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas of YourBuddhi. Rest assured, this isn’t 20 minutes of just chaturanga push-ups. The ladies of YourBuddhi believe that “part of a strong upper body is a flexible upper body,” so get ready for a well-rounded practice.

Exercise your right to bare arms with YourBuddhi: 

Upper Body Flow

"Stay where you are able to breathe, but feel challenged. We're always looking for that balance."


Yoga for arms and core

Excellent sequence. Wonderful yoga and a beautiful flow. Keep them coming.

All of Amanda McCarroll and

All of Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas' flows are great and challenging. Right to the point. Keep creating. They're amazing.

yoga for arms & core

it was one of the best i seen, gonna start do thid one tomorrow..thanks for sharing, so beautiful!!

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