Yoga trends: What to expect in 2014

Yoga trends: kundalini yoga gets big in 2014
We expect Kundalini classes to start popping up in more places.
Restorative yoga will continue to grow in 2014
Expect to see more restorative and yin yoga offerings in 2014
Yoga trends: Yogis are showing an interest in Ayurveda
Ayurveda may have a big year in 2014.
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Throughout 2013, team alignyo rolled out our mats in studios across the country. While every city surely has it’s own vibe and yoga scene, we did notice a few trends that seem to be taking hold with yogis throughout the U.S. With that in mind, we’ve put together our predictions for big yoga trends in 2014. What’s coming to a studio near you? Have a look in our crystal ball.

Kundalini continues to grow

Kundalini yoga had a big year, thanks in part to celebrities like Russell Brand and Demi Moore touting its praises. But we think as yogis look to deepen the mind-body connection, we’ll see more kundalini-curious types looking for kundalini classes. We also think kundalini fusion classes, like the Vindalini (vinyasa and kundalini) offered at Zen Yoga Garage in Chicago, might start to pop up in yoga communities. 

Mindfulness in the workplace

Good news: free yoga classes and meditation breaks may be coming to your job soon. Many companies are following in the footsteps of successful brands such as Google and Aetna and offering corporate wellness programs with mind-body perks. Why? Because meditation and yoga are proven to reduce stress, boost productivity and lower medical costs. Read our interview with Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and check out these tips from Tevis Trower on how to get your company to offer yoga classes at work.

More restorative and yin yoga

Restorative is the new power yoga. Yogis everywhere are making more time for yin and restorative yoga practices to help them calm down and release tight muscles. We suspect one reason may be because people who started doing yoga solely as a workout are realizing that the benefits of yoga go beyond just burning calories. Worried you won’t keep your slim yoga body if you cut back on the sweaty yoga flow classes? Restorative has been shown to burn fat


alignyo readers couldn’t get enough Ayurveda in 2013 and we suspect this trend will continue in 2014. It makes sense—Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science, so it seems intuitive that yogis would be curious to see how this holistic system can help them find healthy balance in life. Like Kundalini, this trend seems to be an overall response by yogis who want to really develop a whole yoga lifestyle. We expect to see more Ayurveda workshops and spa services as well as more holistic health coaches incorporating these principles into their practice.

Conscious yoga clothes

We know that the yoga apparel industry is no stranger to eco-friendly and fair-trade practices, but with companies like Teeki blowing up in 2013 with their wild yoga leggings made of recycled plastic bottles and Patagonia (already a pioneer of organic and eco-friendly clothing) signing a fair-trade act, we think this market will expand in 2014. Check out these smaller yoga companies with conscious practices.

Online yoga everywhere

Streaming yoga classes aren’t a new trend by any means, but big things happened in the world of online yoga classes in 2013, which might affect the way you do yoga in 2014. Two big names in the yoga world upped their streaming yoga presence: YogaWorks launched MyYogaWorks and Gaiam acquired MyYogaOnline. The good news for yogis who like to practice this way is that you now have many, many options for yoga whenever and wherever you wan it. The wild card: YogaGlo’s patent on the way it films its online yoga classes was approved, so we’ll have to wait and see how that changes things.


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Yoga Trends 2014. What to Expect

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