Yoga pants that can help protect your knees

Electric Yoga Knee Brace Legging
Electric Yoga Knee Brace Legging
Fila Knee Pad Yoga Capri
Fila Knee Pad Yoga Capri
Janu Knee Protecting Yoga Pants
Janu Pants

There’s a reason your yoga teacher is constantly reminding you to watch your alignment in warrior 2, sit back in chair pose and go deep in pigeon: your knees are precious. Yoga apparel brands are taking note and three companies have designed yoga pants with built-in knee pads for extra protection. Yoga clothes with alignment and protection in mind is a trend we can get behind.

We knee-d to tell you more:

Electric Feel

Electric Yoga’s Knee Brace Leggings are designed to support the joints and ligaments around your knees. With a unique thick ribbing around the knees (and a tummy flattering waistband, btw), they won’t protect you from a hard fall or make a thin mat comfortable, but they do create firm support.

Capris for your knees

If you want soft support, try the Fila Knee Pad Yoga Capri. These loose-fitting, moisture-wicking capris have a built-in knee pad that provides protection without being too bulky.

Extra padding

The Janu Pant is made for protection and comfort. Available in three colors, these pants feature interior pockets that hold thick knee pads (but not high-school-volleyball-team-thick). We like that the Janu knee pads are easily removable, in case you need to head out to run errands after yoga. 


Trousers with knee pads

Do you export the Janu pant to the UK, if not is there anyway I can buy a pair?

Anybody tried Evolution Activewear's padded yoga pants?

Has anybody tried the Kneeotech yoga pants? There are lots of positive testimonials on the website.

Where are the larger sizes?

I'd love a pair of these pants, but none of them come in a size larger than a regular XL. The Fila yoga pants are discontinued, the Electric Yoga Knee Brace leggings range from XS-M and the Janu pants, which would probably work for my short legs only go up to XL. I wish companies would remember that some large people actually do yoga too.

Knee support

Seems to be no such legging at Electric Yoga!!!

Fila yoga pants

I have the Fila yoga pants (got them on sale at C21) but they are not great if you have longer legs, or even shorter legs. I am 5'4 and am constantly pulling the legs down so the pads cover the lower part of my knees.

Great idea in concept, but the placement of the pads will vary depending on your height.

I still wear them to class, as overall they are comfortable and wick away moisture.

Protective Yoga Pants

I need these, thanks!!

great post!

I agree with you about the Electric Yoga Knee Brace leggings! They have been absolutely great for my knees, which have are weak from years of gymnastics. I just bought a pair of those a few weeks ago from a cool new site that offers a variety of small and new brands. Check them out here!

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