Yoga news: October's must-read stories

Yoga news: alignyo's top yoga stories of October
Watch this football player talk about his journey with you.
Photo: NFL

While you were busy getting your yoga on this month (good for you!), there was a lot happening “behind the scenes” in the yoga world. A Twitter comedian poked fun at Bikram yoga; the Yoga Alliance took a stand on a controversial yoga issue and a former pro Football player was featured in a touching short film about the NFL and yoga. Catch up on October’s must-read stories below.

Bikram yoga for the NYC homeless

When it’s so hot and humid in New York that even the subway stations reach temps in the 100s, what do you do? Well, if you’re funnyman the Fat Jew, you teach Bikram yoga to New York’s homeless. Watch the video here

Football and yoga

We were touched by this video, the NFL Presents: Football and Yoga and the story of former pro player Keith Mitchell. When his professional career ended, Mitchell turned to yoga to help him find peace in his life. We promise this six-minute video will inspire you to get on the mat

A makeover story

The Yoga Alliance, the organization that’s mostly been responsible for accrediting yoga teacher training, is revamping its image and ready to be the go-to source for the yoga community. To show their serious about their more hands-on approach, they took a stand against YogaGlo’s attempt to patent how it shoots online yoga classes. 

Yoga for the blind

The University of Washington has developed a new yoga program for the blind using Microsoft Kinect software. The program, called Eyes-Free Yoga, watches the user’s movements and uses geometry to give verbal adjustment cues. Learn more about the yoga program here.

Restorative burns fat

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. A new study finds that restorative yoga can actually help you burn fat. Maybe it’s time you gave up one of your hardcore power flow yoga classes and went to restorative instead? Find out why here


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