Yoga for better sex

Yoga for better sex
Photo: Yoga Trail
by Liz Eustace

Another reason to do yoga: According to this Harvard study, a regular yoga practice increases sexual desire, arousal, satisfaction and orgasm in women. So we wanted to share these yoga for better sex tips and techniques.

Yoga between the sheets:

3 Easy Yoga Techniques to Improve Your Sex Life

Amy Levine, a certified sexual health coach, incorporates yoga into her sessions to help her clients feel more confident in and out of the bed. Try these three tips from Amy on how to incorporate yoga into your sex life to feel more empowered, connected and sexually satisfied.

Breathwork and Bridge Pose for Better Sex

Everything we do comes back to the breath. In this video, Good Clean Love founder Wendy Strgar and yoga teacher Caitlin Young show us a Water Pitcher Breathing Technique, which helps you connect to your body and your pelvic floor.

Once you’ve got the breathing technique down, check out this video on how to do Bridge for sexual health

Go from Having Sex to Making Love

We shared this vlog from modern day goddess Ashley Turner back in July, but we think her tips are still pertinent. Check out Ashley’s Sacred Sex: How to Improve Your Sex Life video here.

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