Treats for your feets

yoga shoes for your feet

Did you know that our feet contain 25% of the body’s bones? Plus they support our weight, keep us grounded and take us anywhere we want to go. So why settle for stuffing them into any old shoe? Whether you’re on the street or on your mat, treat your feet to some stylin' shoes made with seriously cool technology and planet-friendly materials.

These shoes offer comfort, style and eco-love – no small feet, er, feat: 

Cop(per) a feel

Juil makes sandals for both men and women that use round copper compounds in the soles to help keep you connected to the ground, and promote a continuous flow of electrons from the earth to your body. Scientific evidence has shown that these electrons help mitigate the free radicals in our body, which are created by toxins, stress and electronics – all the things it’s impossible to walk away from in our modern world.

(Almost) barefoot contessa

The eco-friendly, anti-microbial liner of this slipper-like Blake Brody shoe, combats moisture and bacteria. Designed for indoor use, they’re great for yoga, Pilates and barre classes because they mimic the sensation of being barefoot by encouraging the foot’s natural range of movement. Plus, the cinched sides ensure you won’t spend more time adjusting the shoe than participating in class.

Keeping us on our toes

The design of these organic cotton, five-toed socks acts like mittens for your feet, allowing for natural movement and spreading of individual toes, which will help strengthen your feet and increase circulation. ToeSox also come in a half-toe version, so you can see the tips of your toes – great for balancing poses like tree and warrior III.


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