A guide to the healing power of crystals

The healing power of crystals
The healing power of crystals

Can a ring balance your chakras? If you're wearing a crystal, it just might. Those shiny, sparkly stones hanging around the neck of the person on the mat next to you aren't just for fashion’s sake. Each stone gives off its own unique energy, which is then transferred to its bearer to heal or support them in different areas of their lives. We consulted with a few holistic healers to uncover the special properties of three of the most powerful crystals.

Get crystal clear on the benefits of these special stones:

Balance out

When you hear the word crystals, clear quartz is what usually comes to mind--though it can be found in many colors. This popular gem is known for its grounding quality, which helps to promote stability. Feel as though you have a chakra out of balance? Wear cooling quartz around your neck to help activate a stuck chakra as it's a natural harmonizer and neutralizer of both the physical and subtle bodies.

Face the facts

Formed from molten lava, obsidian helps to shield against negativity while also absorbing it from the environment. Referred to as the “stone of truth,” it aids in pointing out one’s bad habits, providing strength to its wearer to help obliterate such obstacles. Usually black in hue, obsidian can also be found in silver or brown, adding an earthy quality to your new stone collection.

Enhance your intuition

The power behind moonstone, usually found as milky white to silvery blue in color, has been long associated with the intuitive enhancement of its beholder. Though it won’t make everyone a fortune teller, it is worn as a good luck charm for its association with success in both love and business, and helps to remove energy blocks. This talisman is used by healers to balance hormone cycles with nature’s rhythm--that said, you may want to take a breather from wearing it around the full moon when it is most powerful as its energy may prove to be too intense during this time.

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