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Fitness-trend expert and sportswear stylist MizzFIT

MizzFIT (a.k.a. Bianca Jade) is a New York City based fitness-trend expert and sportswear stylist who reported for alignyo at the recent Yoga Journal Conference in NYC. MizzFIT sourced, tested and researched the latest and greatest in yoga apparel and products and gave us a top-on-down breakdown of items to check out.

Hey alignyo readers, it’s MizzFIT here. There’s no denying it’s spring, which means it’s time for both you and your yoga apparel to come out of hibernation. What’s that you say? Everything you own is black? Here are five functional fashion items to get your yoga wardrobe blooming and your practice moving:

Spiritual Gangster Tees

Who doesn’t love a super-soft burnout tee that looks fitted but feels like it’s barely there? Spiritual Gangster’s Yoga Stacked Tee ($39) couldn’t spell out your favorite workout bigger or better, or feel nicer against your skin. Ladies, you also have the option of the Yoga Stacked Tank ($48) which looks smart layered over a neon Zensah Seamless Sports Bra ($35.99), which is literally one of the most comfortable moisture-wicking sports bras ever made for all chest sizes and body types. If you’re a dude, don’t say a word. The Men’s Yoga Stacked Tee ($49) and sexy Karma Tank ($49) say it all for you.

Anue Spree Capris

The perfect tee can’t be without an eccentric bottom, right? That’s why you can’t go wrong with the Anue Spree Capri ($54.99) in teal. When you close your eyes, the fabric on this capri feels more like a couch you want to nap on than a pair of workout pants you’re supposed to sweat in. But don’t worry, you won’t stray from your workout when you put them on because they’re slim ‘n sexy, and you’ll want to show off your moves. Sweat a lot in class? The Spree Capri is made with moisture wicking fibers, so you can give your black pants a break because your new teal stems will be spot-free.

Fresh Feet Wipes

Definitely one of my favorite discoveries while browsing through the Market Place at the NYC Yoga Journal Conference. Fresh Feet Wipes ($5.95) will woo your nose with clean scents of peppermint, grapefruit and soon-to-be-released floral-scented wipes. Though good enough for your nose, these wipes are made to refresh your feet, hands and mat! The Peppermint pack (conveniently purse-sized) is infused with Aloe and Vitamin E, and makes your hands feel cleansed without leaving a slippery residue on them. Your mat reacts the same way. You’ll see! There’s nothing better than a whiff of delicious as you stretch into down dog.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

When was the last time you unfurled a mat that filled you with happiness? Or that started a conversation? Now you can! Sophie Leininger’s Magic Carpet Yoga Mats ($60) are all kinds of kitschy fun whether you loved Disney’s Aladdin or not. Sophie paints each Persian rug design by hand and prints them on a yoga mat to full size for you. Focus, breath, STEER! You’re in for a ride, as well as a lot of people asking you, “where did you get your mat?”

Takeya Glass Water Bottle

Plastic and metal water bottles are out! Switch to something you won’t be embarrassed to carry or scared to drink out of for fear of a metal-y taste. Takeya’s Glass Water Bottles are modern rubber-encased little works of art. They're eco-friendly and almost impossible to break. The rubber guard makes them easy to hold and fun to express your personality, as they’re many colors to choose from. Go for a bright color that prevents you from leaving it behind at your favorite yoga studio.



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