Meditation musts

Relaxso Zafu Statics Meditation Cushion
Relaxso Zafu Statics Meditation Cushion

Need some hand-holding on your journey inward? (Join the club.) Just as props enable us to better fine tune our yoga practice, they can also aid in taking our meditation practice to a deeper level. In order to quiet the mind, yogi masters and novices alike need a.) to get comfortable, and b.) to engage the senses. Check out some of our fave meditation props.

To take your focus inward, here are three must-haves that will help you find some inner peace:

Sit back

Sometimes the biggest obstacle of a meditation practice isn’t quieting the chatter inside your mind – it's finding a comfortable seat. For optimal support and to avoid mounting tension, hips should be slightly higher than your knees to encourage a straight spine. While a block may suffice for a few minutes at the beginning of a yoga class, we find a cushion or Zafu is the perfect way to root ourselves into stillness.

Light up

Refraining from engaging in our thoughts is easier said than done. And while you may think that burning incense is some hippie-dippie detail, it does serve a purpose. The scent of the smelly stuff helps us to bring our awareness to the tip of the nose, which keeps us from getting caught up in the stories and fantasies that try their best to play out behind closed eyes.

Zone out

Like scanning the radio to find a station playing something you want to hear, our minds flip through thoughts until we come across one we want to run wild with. To help change the frequency, singing bowls are used to cut through all the static to enable us to tune into ourselves, helping us notice the pattern of our thoughts and quiet the mind.


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