Kundalini: Yoga that makes you good looking

Can Kundalini yoga make you attractive?

Does kundalini yoga makes you better looking? We're not entirely certain but we do know that we feel 'at our glow-iest' after a practice. It might be because with the breathing techniques and kriyas done in a typical class, kundalini yoga brings mad oxygen to the blood, which not only causes a yoga high like no other, it also gives you that gorgeous yoga glow (hello, bright eyes and rosy cheeks). Haven't you ever wondered why so many celebrities are checking it out? Get the lowdown on kundalini, try a session at home and find out which celebs can’t live without it below. 

What is kundalini yoga? 

We already gushed about how kundalini can make you hot and spiritually connected, but what is it and why is it different from other styles of yoga? Find out here.

Celebrity beauty secret

We’re told by our L.A. kundalini confidant that many celebrities come to kundalini for its beautifying abilities. But before you roll your eyes, remember that many of us come to yoga for not-so humble reasons: the elusive yoga butt, tight abs, lean muscles, etc. So if kundalini draws you in with the promise of looking good, then you happen to work through some emotional issues and find a place of inner peace, that’s all good with us. 

Try kundalini at home 

Ready to try kundalini yoga? Check out the video below from Yoga Today to get you “tearing out the toxins and raising our frequency.”


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