Finds of a festival: Yoga Journal San Diego

The Infinity Strap
The Infinity Strap

While flowing on paddleboards and kickin’ it on yoga mats at the Yoga Journal Conference in sunny San Diego, we stumbled upon some fun products that caught our third eye in the Marketplace. Check out the latest yoga goods most likely coming to a studio or store near you.

These yogi finds are all about practice, posture and…portobellos?

Endless possibilities 

The yogi-friendly Infinity Strap is a simple and stable yoga strap. Designed with two loops connected at the center, emulating an infinity symbol, the strap is tangle-free and sans the hassle of metal or plastic buckles. The possibilities are endless in the strap; we used it to assist us in Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) and Bird of Paradise.

A positive negative

Yogis can find their mountain pose all day in Kalso Earth Shoes. Designed by a yogi, the shoes have a ‘negative heel’ sole design, which sets the heel slightly lower than the toes. We learned this position, similar to Tadasana, naturally places the body over your frame which helps with joints and posture. Our favorite style was “the Eminent”.

Shakti in shiitaki

Feeling a little low energy after all the chaturangas, we found a shroom-infused energy drink, nrg MATRIX. Ingredients include seven medicinal mushrooms that are 100% organic and grown in San Marcos, CA. Add to water or juice, shake it up and enjoy!



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