3 ways to fight stress

Flor-Essence Tea
Flor-Essence Tea
Himalaya StressCare
Himalaya StressCare
rareEarth Naturals Candles
rareEarth Naturals candles

Chill-ak-i-nate, bliss out and detoxify. Sounds like a plan to us. When the stress in your life gets a little too ... well, stressful check out any one of these 3 suggestions below. Press pause and take the time to reset.

Choose less time for stress with these helpful suggestion:

Tea time

Hot tea can be soothing, but perhaps at this point, you're beyond a gentle cup of chamomile. Try Flor-Essence Tea, the number one selling detox in the US. This blend of powerful liquid herbs is said to work on a cellular level to encourage the removal of toxins from the body, support digestion and boost your immune system—all things that can get a little out of whack when you’re under a lot of stress. 

Chill pills

When you stress, your hormone levels fluctuate more than public opinion polls, so keep them level and steady with Himalaya StressCare. This award-winning supplement features a variety of ayurvedic herbs like chyavanprash and ashwagandha to balance adrenal and cortisol levels, prevent mood swings, promote healthy sleep, reduce stress and fight fatigue.

Soothing scents

If aromatherapy is your thing, we highly recommend rareEarth Naturals candles. Made from sustainable soy and beeswax, these hand-poured candles feature natural mineral colors, cotton wicks and are scented with pure essential oils for a long-lasting, clean burn (no black smoke). We like to light them up around the alignyo office to keep calm and carry on. Look for them at your local Whole Foods Market or natural foods store.


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