Ayurveda: Easy Ayurvedic practices to do at home

Ayurveda: Easy ayurvedic techniques you can do at home
by Liz Eustace

Did you know yoga has a sister? It’s Ayurveda, the ancient form of mind-body medicine practiced in India for thousands of years. While Ayurveda can seem mystical and complicated, once you understand the basics, you can easily adapt practices that work for you (just like yoga). From a simple morning ritual to brighten your smile to quick and easy Ayurvedic recipes, try these easy and effective techniques to start reaping the benefits of Ayurveda today.

Warm Lemon Water

We swear by this simple, easy and effective holistic health technique. Upon rising, add the juice from half a lemon to a cup of warm water and sip on that before you eat or drink anything else. Find out more about this technique.

Ayurveda Beauty Techniques

Want glowing skin and a bright smile? Start adding these simple Ayurveda beauty techniques to your routine.

  • For a bright smile and an easy daily detox, try oil pulling before you brush your teeth.
  • A couple of times a week, break out the dry skin brush for smooth, supple skin.
  • After you shower, treat yourself to Abhyanga, an ayurvedic oil massage treatment. 

Eat up

One of our favorite ways to incorporate ayurvedic healthy treatments into our daily life is through what we eat. Food and nutrition is a huge part of the ayurvedic health philosophy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. In fact, you’re probably already cooking with these ayurvedic-friendly healthy herbs and spices.

More ayurveda recipes:

  • In the fall and winter, roasted veggies are a great way to stay grounded.
  • For a seasonal sweet, check out this recipe for a baked apple – perfect for breakfast or dessert.
  • We love this vegan twist on an Ayurvedic classic: Vegan Mango Lassi 

Tools for success

Ayurveda expert Ali Cramer shared her five must-have ayurveda essentials for a healthy fall. Check out what she recommends for those of us who want to boost immunity, feel well and look great this season. 

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