3 cool water bottles to keep you hydrated

Eau Good Water Bottle from Black + Baum
Eau Good Water Bottle
Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
Buddha Brand Water Bottle
Buddha Brand Water Bottle

You don’t have to be a Bikram addict to know the importance of staying properly hydrated. So keep the nasty effects of dehydration (sluggishness, headaches and dry mouth to name a few) away with one of these awesome water bottles.  

Who’s thirsty?

Water with a zing

Adding a fresh squeeze of lemon to your water is one of the easiest ways to boost your health every day and the Citrus Zinger Water Bottle makes it convenient to do when you're on the go. This specially designed bottle has a citrus juicer to extract fresh juice from a lemon while preventing pesky seeds from getting in your way. Not into citrus? Try the Aqua Zinger, which works with a variety of fruits for a flavored water or hot beverage on the go.

Eau yeah

While it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing, we’re much more impressed by the healthy benefits of the Japanese Binchotan Charcoal inside of the Eau Good Bottle from Black + Baum. The charcoal removes chlorine, balances PH and mineralizes the water, meaning you’ll never have to buy a pricey plastic bottle of water again. Eau Good is also BPA-free and the cork cap comes in a variety of accent colors to fit your style.  

Soulful sipping

For the yogi who just wants a sturdy BPA-free water bottle, check out Buddha Brand. Made in the USA from 100% recycled aluminum, Buddha bottles come in matte silver or black and feature a bright Buddha image, so people will know you not only come properly hydrated, but also in peace.


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