Vinyasa with Nick Velkov

75 minutes with Yoga Agora owner, Nick Velkov will have you laughing and learning.

Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Regulars
Nick Velkov

Yoga Agora, 33-02 Broadway, 2nd fl., Astoria

A loft-like space surrounded by large windows playing festive Greek music shapes the entrance into Yoga Agora, where 75 minutes with owner Nick Velkov will have you laughing and learning. Nick’s class is both meditative and quick paced as he encourages students to “move the way your body wants”. Several times we close our eyes while transitioning back and forth between triangle pose and reverse triangle pose and by doing this our flow becomes a little more intuitive and self-guided. Nick is no-frills: stay as long as you like, come as often as you want and at only $5, price may no longer be a barrier.


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