Vinyasa Level 2 with Pam Reece

Practice deep and think deeper in a neighborhood oasis.

Pam Reece
Pam Reece
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Regulars
Pam Reece

Pure Yoga, 204 W. 77th St., Manhattan 

If you’re sweating and smiling in complete gratitude, you’re probably in Pam Reece’s class. Check out Pam at Practice Yoga, a large studio with mural-covered walls and sliding doors to the outside. This environment, combined with Pam’s warm and loving teaching, transports students out of the busy streets of NYC into a neighborhood oasis. Pam shares her philosophy of who we are on our mats translates into who we are in life. This concept and the rigorous asana make the class linger for days, in the best way possible.


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