Vinyasa for Beginners with Megan Walsh

Open your eyes and open your heart.

The Yoga Room
The Yoga Room
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Regulars
Megan Walsh

The Yoga Room, 38-01 35th Ave., Astoria, Queens

Megan Walsh is bright like a sunny day. In her Vinyasa for Beginners class, she'll open your eyes and help you open your heart. Her teaching style is playful but with a great level of wisdom. When Megan gets into the poses she is describing with such ease and grace, students at any level can be inspired. Megan takes time to explain things and her class is like call-and-response but instead of words, it’s movement. There is accessibility in Megan’s teaching style that makes class with her really familiar even if it’s your first time. Check out her class if you want to take from someone who you could easily see yourself hanging out with on and off the mat.


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