Vinyasa Basics with Ben Lombardo

Build a solid foundation at a gem of a studio.

Ben Lombardo
Ben Lombardo
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Rookies
Ben Lombardo

New York Yoga, 1629 York Avenue, Manhattan

“Basics is the hardest thing in yoga,” says Ben Lombardo, who focuses on alignment and building a solid foundation for your practice. This studio is a neighbourhood gem. The staff is always helpful and friendly, it’s clean and the room where Ben teaches is tranquil, big and has a mirrored wall just in case you want to check yourself out. Ben keeps you thinking and moving all throughout class. You can tell that Ben is a curious and intelligent teacher and he helps his students approach their practice in the same way. The class is slow enough to be called basics and to be accessible, but we hold poses long enough and the verbal cues are so precise, that is also perfect for seasoned students. Take this class if you’re looking to go beyond a basic Basics class but know that you can also take a friend who has never stepped onto a mat.


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