Maha Shakti with Sri Dharma Mittra

71-year-old master still going strong in NYC.

Sri Dharma Mittra from Dharma Yoga Center
Sri Dharma Mittra
Type:  Hatha / Good 4 Regulars
Sri Dharma Mittra

Dharma Yoga Center, 61 West 23rd Street, Manhattan

The idea of studying with yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, whose roots run deep in the NYC yoga community, can be intimidating. Throw in the image of Dharma Mittra in a hands-free headstand on his website and it can stop you in your tracks. DON’T LET IT. Dharma Mittra is nothing but love and enlightenment. Expect a ton of adjustments, short conversations with the master himself and laughter – lots and lots of laughter. After class, we felt taller, wiser, stronger and a whole lot happier. Looking around, this feels like the perfect yoga date class.


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