Level 2 Vinyasa with Mel Russo

Build strength and stamina with an intermediate flow

Level 2 Vinyasa with Mel Russo at Yoga High
Mel Russo
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Regulars
Mel Russo

Yoga High, 19 Clinton St, Suite 205, Manhattan

Mel Russo, co-owner of Yoga High, will make you sweat, but not before she allows you a nice, long warm up. Mel appreciates that every body is different with varying needs and she supports that with a generous warmth. Numerous vinyasas are punctuated with a few “freestyle” moments when the student can flow in whatever way feels good to them, an option that can feel unexpected at first, but take you to great places. Expect a lot of delicious hands-on adjustments, which she’s an expert at, and a reference to the studios theme pose of the month.


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