Level 1 Iyengar with Adam Vitolo

Poses to build the mind and the body.

Adam Vitolo
Adam Vitolo
Type:  Iyengar / Good 4 Everyone
Adam Vitolo

Iyengar Institute, 150 West 22nd Street, Manhattan

I felt two inches taller when I left Adam Vitolo’s class. The Iyengar practice can do that to you, make you grow not only your body but also in how you approach the practice. Holding poses for long periods of time and making miniscule adjustments creates a type of spring-cleaning for your joints, ligaments and muscles. From pose to pose, the challenge is not in the movement but in the hold. The longer you hold, the more your mind and body want to wander. Adam skillfully brings you back to your practice and into the moment always at the perfect time, engaging you with humor and a familiarity that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.


Adam's classes

The hour and a half classes he teaches at Pure Yoga just whizz by so fast. He is thorough in his teachings and you definitely will improve your asana practice. He is also an interesting personality and you feel better when you leave the class on every level. If you are hesitant about taking yoga, I suggest that you try Adam's class, because if you don't like his classes, I doubt if you will like any others. Headstands, handstands, shoulderstands, body alignment and flexibility are all covered in a fun and caring environment.

Adam Vitolo

Adam deserves an A+ -- he's the real deal, an authentic teacher who consistently honors the Iyengar tradition as he brings his personal warmth and humor into the mix. Somehow he manages to keep it light, no matter how detailed and specific his instructions. And when it's time to go deeper, he delivers profound messages without preaching; he is wiser than his years...yoga will do that for you.


I take 3 Iyengar classes a week with Adam at Pure Yoga East. It's by far my favorite yoga type. I've taken classes at the Institute as well but it's geographically inconvenient-wish it were closer!

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