Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Rainer Perry (Randhir)

Meditation in your practice and then a golden light.

Golden Bridge Yoga NYC
Golden Bridge Yoga NYC
Type:  Kundalini / Good 4 Regulars
Rainer Perry (Randhir)

Golden Bridge Yoga NYC, 253 Centre Street, Manhattan

How do I know this class shifted my world? My car was towed during it and I saw it as a fun adventure instead of a pain in the a**. I was so at peace leaving this magical Kundalini class taught by Rainer Perry (Randhir), whose teachings focus on the transformative ability of breath and movement to access your inner self. Once that happens, anything is possible. The class itself is tough. It’s a series of poses like circling your arms for 10 minutes while doing the Breath of Fire – short and rapid inhalations in and out “like a panting dog,” as described by Randhir. For me, meditating while Radhir played a gong at the end of class was so powerful – the energy was truly palpable.


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