Katonah basics with Taylor Flynn

The dance of yoga

Katonah Basics with Taylor Flynn
Taylor Flynn
Type:  Blended / Good 4 Everyone
Taylor Flynn

Katonah Yoga, 267 W. 17th Street, 2nd Floor, Manhattan

For Taylor Flynn basics yoga doesn't mean you only stick to the simple poses, but it also doesn't mean you'll be overwhelmed. She excels at creative sequencing that includes everything from plank poses to marichyasana and eagle pose in down dog. 

Taylor breaks down poses and goes through them slowly, discussing proper alignment before connecting them into a flow that, because of all the advanced poses and unique transitions, feels like an elegant and complicated dance.

Taylor's classes include lots of demonstrations for beginners, the use of props like blocks, chairs and straps to help students understand the accurate alignment and knowledgeable, strong adjustments to help you get deeper into poses- a trifecta of skills that make for a friendly, non-competitive space to explore your yoga. 


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