Iyengar Yoga with Tzahi Moskovitz

Tzahi Moskovitz is a teacher's teacher...

Tzahi Moskovitz
Tzahi Moskovitz
Type:  Iyengar / Good 4 Regulars
Tzahi Moskovitz

The Yoga Room, 38-01 35th Ave., Astoria

Tzahi Moskovitz is a teacher's teacher. During his classes at The Yoga Room Astoria, his instruction is razor sharp and he always works a specific action so that by the end of class you are living in your body in a whole new way. Tzahi gives lots of individual attention, so you won't go unnoticed in his class. He is a compassionate teacher with a great sense of humor.



My inquiry was purely compassionate. What I should have said was how amazing the participants were and how much I enjoyed yours and Lisa finale using the old masters at the Yogathon.
I will be away until early July but thank you for your help I sure need it but because of you feel I am improving.
Glad so much money was raised for such a worthy cause. Lots of work but great results.
With great admiration. Jackie Barnes

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