Flow 1/2 with Tracy Mohr

"Kriyas give you a natural buzz, it's a drug for free AND you're clearing toxins," says Tracy Mohr after some...

New York yoga class review Flow 1/2 with Tracy Mohr at Sonic Yoga
Tracy Mohr
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Regulars
Tracy Mohr
Hell's Kitchen

Sonic Yoga, 754 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan

“Kriyas give you a natural buzz, it’s a drug for free AND you’re clearing toxins,” says our teacher, Tracy Mohr, after some intense breath of fire. I’m completely sold: on this class, on this teacher and on continuing the quest to find amazing yoga in NYC. It really is a drug when you experience the passion, fire and energy of a great teacher like Tracy. This class is a perfect mixture of the foundations of yoga and breath work – you will create LOTS of heat. What I enjoyed about this class is meeting other students and how you’re often encouraged to do partner work. Go to this class if you’re ready to move!


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