Yoga Sculpt with Natasha Needles

Be sure to bring a towel – oh, who are we kidding – bring two towels, a gargantuan-sized bottle of water and maybe even a change of clothes because this hot Yoga Sculpt class with Natasha Needles will definitely cause you to sweat your sweet asana off.

Yoga Sculpt
Natasha Needles
Type:  Hot Yoga / Good 4 Regulars
Natasha Needles

Hot 8 Yoga, 1422 2nd St., Santa Monica 

Be sure to bring a towel – oh, who are we kidding – bring two towels, a gargantuan-sized bottle of water and maybe even a change of clothes because this hot Yoga Sculpt class with Natasha Needles will definitely cause you to sweat your sweet asana off. Her class blends free weights and several bursts of cardio work in with a traditional yoga sequence that ensures you use every major muscle group throughout the class. Natasha's sense of humor, energetic playlist and playful teaching style will help you through this hour-long class in such a fun way that you almost forget how hard you are working.


"Nobody's ass ever falled off from my class," Natasha claimed.

Natasha is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. There was a time in my life where I didn't bother going to any other class - that time ended when I moved to Seattle. I still dream about the ass kicking she'd give my body, and her promise that, "Nobody's ass ever falled off from my class." I am fairly certain that was the only untrue think to come from her beautimous mouth. Because my booty felled off many-o-times post sculpt or barre.

Natasha, if you ever read this I (and my quickly softening body) miss you dearly. MOVE TO SEATTLE!!!!

Best Yoga teacher (and person) ever!!

In addition to being beautiful, sweet, funny and flexible, Natasha is the best yoga teacher ever. She is the perfect teacher whether you are an inflexible newbie or practically a pro. I love her to bits!!!

Totally Addicted

natasha is so much FUN that you almost forget that her class is one of the hardest class you can find anywhere!! her fantastic sense of humor + passion for yoga, health and fitness + crazy love for her students (whom she gets to know individually) make natasha yoga and sculpt an unparallelled, inspiring and uniquely fantastic experience. I love especially that she mixes it up so your workout is never the same and you stay mentally and physically engaged. natasha is one of the best and most satisfying instructors I have found anywhere (I have taken yoga for over a decade in many different cities at many different studios). be forewarned though: it is an addictive experience!

Natasha is an absolute force!!

Once you experience Natasha's class you absolutely want to come back for some more. Her energy is completely infectious - she brings such an incredible spirit & love to her teaching and her students. Experience her class once and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. She's absolutely phenomenal for so many reasons - but mostly because the moment you step in her class, you're completely aware of how much she loves what she does. LOVE this girl's class SO much!!!!

She'll make you laugh and kick your ass

She's funny, authentic, plays great music. Even though she'll kick your booty, she'll probably be okay if you need to rest (I didn't risk it though;) As a music fan, you'll appreciate her unique dj-ing skills too.


natasha is the best yoga teacher and just any work-out teacher i've ever had. she is amazingly enthusiastic with tons of endless positive energy and really inspires and spreads happiness for everyone. she will kick your ass and make you come back for more. she's also super cute, crazy fun and always plays great music.

natasha is the best

natasha and her classes are not only my fave yoga class, but fave work out class over all. she will kick your ass and you will come back for more and more. she has super positive energy and is encouraging, enthusiastic and really fun and cute. most awesome teacher in life ever.

Natasha creates this amazing

Natasha creates this amazing energy in every one of her classes, from the moment she steps foot in the studio you will clearly see her commitment and dedication to each one of her students. One of the very few instructors that I have experience that is able to see what you are capable of and has the ability to safely push you to your own personal limit. it will definitely be hard work but after her class you will walk around with this great feeling of accomplishment! Perfect balance of love and strength!

Natasha kicks butt!!

Natasha really kicks your butt while honoring personal limitations. I love taking her classes!

Love Natasha!

Natasha is one of the best on the Westside ! I wish I could bottle her energy and enthusiasm and take it home with me! If you are looking for a kick ass class that's lots of fun - you must try Natatsha!

She is amazing!

I began taking yoga for the first time in my life with natasha and she definitely helped me become a better yogi! She has quite a way of helping each student individually, to correct posture and also to encourage! No one needs to feel discouraged by their skill level when taking her class! She loves yoga and she loves teaching even more! This woman has such infectious high energy that even when you are sweating your ass off you are enjoying yourself! Definitely the best teacher I have ever taken yoga from! Do yourself a favor and sign up to take some of her classes!


"Tash is a badass bundle of infinite inspirational energy. This broad is Tinkerbell with an attitude and a mean right hook that she'll only use on you if you call her a 'broad', as both my black eyes can attest." -Dino Hollywood

Best class in Santa Monica...

Hands down, this is the best yoga class i've come across on the west side. PLUS...the instructor Natasha keeps it fun as she whips you into shape. LOVE IT. Can't keep me away!

Looking Forward to it

Looking forward to being there. Sounds like a great class.

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