Yoga & Sound with Jamie Bechtold

We knew once we heard Jamie Bechtold laugh that we were going to have a good time in her class. 

Los Angeles yoga class review: Yoga and Sound with Jamie Bechtold at Yogala
Jamie Bechtold
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Everyone
Jamie Bechtold
Echo Park

Yogala, 1840 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles

May 24, 2013 - 5:30pm

Jamie Bechtold has the greatest giggle. We knew once we heard her laugh that we were going to have a good time in her class at Yogala in Echo Park. Upon settling onto our mats, Jamie offered up a suggestion to set our intention, one that we would build as we moved through our practice. Jamie's class offers a mixed level flow that moves like a dance from pose to pose. Her guidance and direction provided the space to turn inward and get lost in the movement while maintaining our focus on our breath and the intentions we set. After building up a sweat, Jamie led us through a series of backbends and hip openers – culminating in a relaxing sound bath-filled savasana. Jamie played the gong as we sunk deeper into relaxation. The tones and rhythm created by the gong left us floating out of the room feeling high and ready to take on the world!