Vinyasa flow with Stephanie Phelan

Stephanie is a sweet soul with a gentle touch and equally tender voice.

Vinyasa flow with Stephanie Phelan at Maha Yoga in Brentwood
Stephanie Phelan
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Everyone
Stephanie Phelan

Maha Yoga, 13050 San Vicente Blvd., Second Floor #202, Los Angeles

When you take a yoga class with Stephanie Phelan, prepare to be greeted with a hug, whether she knows you personally or not. Stephanie is a sweet soul with a gentle touch and equally tender voice. Maha Yoga's practice room suits Stephanie's demeanor: It is pristine and welcoming with light hardwood floors and white curtains that sway in the gentle breeze, making you feel like you have stepped into an oasis far away from L.A. An all levels class, Stephanie is very careful to make sure she gives instruction for modifications, either to make poses more difficult for the advanced yogi, or to make them easier for the new-to-yoga/still-getting-my-sea-legs yogi. You may find yourself swaying unconsciously to her playlist, one that is no doubt carefully selected to suit the mood and vibe of the class – softer music to start and end the class, upbeat sounds during the flows and ab work, plus it's never too loud. If adjustments are your thing, this class is for you. Stephanie is very mindful to adjust students in their poses, sometimes even massaging their necks and backs during forward folds, downward dogs, and child's poses. And if you want more, expect a gentle foot massage during savasana to seal this moderately sweaty, blissful practice.


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