Power Hour with Hannah Skye Wenzel

Hannah’s only rule: breathe. 

Los Angeles yoga class review: Power Hour with Hannah Skye Wenzel
Hannah Skye Wenzel
Type:  Vinyasa / Good 4 Everyone
Hannah Skye Wenzel
Highland Park

Namaste Highland Park, 
5118 York Blvd., Highland Park

June 3, 2013 - 12:48pm

Hannah’s only rule: breathe. If you’re not breathing, tone it down, take a child’s pose and come back to the breath – a much-appreciated reminder as things heated up in the room. Hannah began class with a suggestion to approach our practice playfully and do our best to make each moment tons of fun as she began to led us through a creative flow that moved like a dance. Hannah offered modifications to simplify and create more ease, as well as challenge us as she built a flow full of juicy twists, lots of vinyasas and a bunch of smiles. Her verbal cueing and hands-on adjustments helped us to dig deeper in each pose while feeling supported and strong. Great music, excellent energy, lots of sweat and tons of encouragement made this a class we can’t wait to go back to. If you’re looking for a powerful flow mixed with laughs and good times on the eastside – don’t miss Hannah at Namaste Highland Park.