Open with Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson is seriously magnetic.

Open Anusara Yoga with Rachel Jackson at Urth Yoga LA
Rachel Jackson
Type:  Anusara / Good 4 Everyone
Rachel Jackson

Urth Yoga, 2809 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

Rachel Jackson is seriously magnetic. When she walks into the packed studio for her Saturday morning class, she's giggly, peppy and adorable. She is genuinely excited to see her regulars and takes the time to personally greet and welcome any new faces in the room. The friendly vibe is the constant throughout the class. As a heavily Anusara-inspired teacher, Rachel wraps every sequence around a "theme" to meditate on (in this case: "find fullness in the moment... like a 15 year-old Olympian who wins an unexpected medal and is so clearly fully present and overjoyed in the moment. No expectations, no hindsight, just happiness."). Rachel is also an alignment guru, which turns even warrior II into a real whopper of a pose. Despite the class being relatively challenging and meditative, there is a real levity to Rachel's teaching. Her bubbly demeanor, fun playlist, and generally awesome energy makes this class a seriously fun one. You are guaranteed to be smiling in your savasana. 


Rachel Jackson

Rachel is a really wonderful teacher. She is smart, specific and infuses each class with an effervescent joy. Her focus on alignment has helped me tackle very difficult asanas. I highly recommend her class!

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