Level 1/2 with Gianna Mia DeFlice

Gianna's class is deliberate and well thought out.

Yoga at the Raven
Type:  Anusara / Good 4 Rookies
Gianna Mia DeFlice

Yoga at the Raven, 2910 Rowena Ave., Silver Lake

Yoga at the Raven describes itself as “a sanctuary for the heart.”  From the moment you step into the space, you know that it’s special. Gianna’s teaching confirms this notion. Gianna credits yoga for teaching her “to approach every experience with a deep breath and an open heart.” This is a lesson that is directly reflected in her teachings. Her class is a deliberate and well-thought out series of asasnas, arm balancing, back bending and partner work.  It’s a fantastic morning workout for the body - and the heart and it will open up both.


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