Kundalini with SuzE Q

SuzE Q encouraged us to keep going in the moments when we wanted to do nothing but stop... 

Los Angeles yoga class review: Kundalini with SuzE Q at Yogala Echo Park
SuzE Q
Type:  Kundalini / Good 4 Everyone
SuzE Q
Echo Park

Yogala Echo Park
, 1840 Echo Park Ave.

June 24, 2013 - 12:28pm

Upon entering class we were greeted by a down to earth and very approachable teacher – SuzE Q. Class was centered around breathing exercises from seated and table positions focused on cleansing the lymphatic system. All of the postures and hand gestures we moved through were carefully selected to help us clean house. SuzE Q encouraged us to keep going in the moments when we wanted to do nothing but stop – you know those moments when your arms just want to give out. Her words of support kept us going, leaving us in a state of bliss in the end. SuzE Q’s approach to the kundalini practice demystifies the otherwise mysterious practice of repetitive movements and breath work, allowing the newbie practitioner (and regulars alike) to feel at ease. Class was themed around a card SuzE Q picked – rise above problems. The card read: my heart, my mind, my life and everyone in it are perfectly at peace right now. Exactly what we needed to hear in that moment, reminding us to focus on all the good that we have rather than the problem we have with our problems. At the end of class SuzE Q encouraged us to introduce ourselves to our fellow yogi’s – we love her sense of community building. She also reminded us to ground before floating out of the room and getting into our cars – so necessary after a great class that left us feeling high in the greatest way.