Anusara-style mixed with Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor is an absolute gem of a teacher.

LA yoga class review Lynn Taylor Anusara class at Liberation Yoga Hollywood
Lynn Taylor
Type:  Anusara / Good 4 Everyone
Lynn Taylor

Liberation Yoga, 124 S. La Brea Ave., Hollywood

January 8, 2013 - 10:32am

Lynn Taylor is an absolute gem of a teacher. She uses her beautiful long, lean limbs to eloquently demonstrate the poses during her Anusara-mixed style class at Liberation Yoga. This seasoned teacher brings a wealth of experience to the practice since she has been a certified instructor since 1999, yet began flirting with Eastern philosophies, meditation and Hatha yoga since the late 80s. Anusara mostly informs Lynn's teaching style, but she has studied a potpourri of different yoga disciplines from Iyengar to vinyasa flow, so you might see traces of those styles in her class. Your body will feel great after practicing with Lynn since she holds a safe space for her students, as well as sprinkles in poetry and such to nourish your soul.