Anusara-Inspired with Gina Zimmerman

With her spunky energy and well-articulated guidance, Gina Zimmerman will take you on a vigorous journey... 

All levels Anusara-Inspired with Gina Zimmerman
Gina Zimmerman
Type:  Anusara / Good 4 Everyone
Gina Zimmerman

Still Yoga, 2395 Glendale Blvd., Silver Lake

One of the things we're finding that we love about Still Yoga is the very personal attention the teachers give to each student in class – Gina Zimmerman’s class is no exception. With her spunky energy and well-articulated guidance, she'll take you on a vigorous journey incorporating alignment-focused asanas and breathwork, all the while stopping and noting when certain poses or individuals need more attention. She pretty much won our heart when we practiced handstand at the wall three different times in succession, focusing on varying the placement and approach each time. Heart is what it’s all about in Anusara, and Gina’s definitely got it. 


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