All-levels Anusara with Allison Linamen

Allison Linamen entered the yoga studio with a grace that was inspiring. 

All levels Anusara yoga with Allison Linamen at All Still Yoga Silverlake
Allison Linamen
Type:  Anusara / Good 4 Everyone
Allison Linamen

Still Yoga, 2395 Glendale Blvd., Silverlake

January 14, 2013 - 1:49pm

Allison Linamen entered the studio at Still Yoga in Silverlake with a grace that was inspiring. She embodied the very principle that she then led us to explore. It is no surprise that this professional dancer-turned-yogini resonates with Anusara yoga and underscores postural alignment in her instruction. She guided us through a class focused on arm balances, heart opening and core strengthening poses – all the while emphasizing the balance between effort and ease. We left the class refreshed, invigorated and worry-free. Is there any better way to start the day?