Tanya Boulton

Tanya Boulton
Tanya Boulton

You might recognize the name from her eponymous-ly chic clothing line, but Tanya Boulton’s background as an inner city schoolteacher and dedicated yogini reveal her as a being of authenticity, inspiration and, of course, style.

What makes your style of teaching unique?

I used to teach high school special education before I became a full time yoga teacher, and the one thing I’ve taken from one modal of teaching to the next is that people need to feel safe in order to learn, and fully experience their own process. I find that the uniqueness of my style is directly related to the consistency of the space being created. I love to set a tone where everyone feels welcome, and there is something for everyone, whether it’s the music that’s playing, the poses being practiced or the space being held in order for people catch a glimpse of some clarity and calmness in their lives. You will always find that each one of my classes incorporates a very thoughtful playlist sequence, all asymmetrical poses start on the left side, and there’s always core work in the beginning. It's consistent and dependable, and I hope that creating that kind of environment allows for students to grow in feeling good on all levels of their practice.

What do you hope your students leave your class feeling/experiencing?

This is a tough one for me to answer because I think everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and they might come in wanting one thing but leave with something completely different. The practice does it's magic in so many ways. However, if there’s one thing that I would like for my students to enjoy, it would be the experience of having a moment of clarity and calmness. That can happen while in the most challenging pose – with Jay-Z blasting in the background--it's within those tiny glimpses where we are totally present and in FULL feeling mode; everything is clear, and the mind stops spinning. It's a moment where you are truly WITH yourself, and completely connected. I believe that is the authentic place where we all need to live from, and yoga helps us get back to it.

Who are your major influences?

Ana Forrest, Ellen Heed, and Hugh Milne were all major-ly influential in my life, but it’s the practice of teaching, day in and day out that has influenced me the most and still does. I find that my students inspire me with their energy and efforts, as does the amazing teaching community that’s all around me.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration through the amazing friends and community I surround myself with. I love watching people follow their dreams, share their stories, and support others with compassion and kindness. I see it all the time and I am ever so grateful.


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