Seane Corn

Seane Corn

She's an internationally renowned yoga teacher who is completely down to earth. Today we have the privilege of peeking inside the mind of Seane Corn.

What makes your style of teaching unique?

It’s always hard for me to be objective when talking about my own teaching. I try to teach in a way that is natural to my personality and beliefs. For some it feels authentic and from the heart, but for others it might feel intense and overbearing. I try not to concern myself about what people think of me, whether it’s good or bad, and instead serve the room by offering information that moves their bodies and stir their hearts. I try to be the same person in the classroom that I am in my life, and create an experience that is both practical and mystical. I do not shy away from speaking about God, healing and truth, even though it might be in conflict with someone else’s feelings or beliefs. I serve God above everything else and let that determine how I teach, the risks I take and the information I share.

What do you hope your students learn or feel from your class?

My hope is always that when a student leaves my class that they’re not thinking, “Oh, I love my body.” Instead I hope they’re thinking, “Oh, I love my life!” I want them to feel that no matter what might be going on in their world, they walk away feeling excited and inspired about where they are at, and trust that they are cultivating the tools necessary to create a more balanced and meaningful life – not a life exempt from crisis or conflict, but one that includes challenges as a necessary part of our experience and therefore growth.

What inspires you?

Life. I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of this incredible creative process. It’s a miracle. I’m completely blown away by the magic of it all, especially nature in its unpredictable flux. Also, people. I’m fascinated by how we think, relate and respond to each other, whether through love, fear, greed or jealousy. I’m so interested in understanding us – and myself – in our light and dark natures, and feel most at ease in this exploration. I don’t take for granted the privilege of being alive and hope to make the most of my time here learning, connecting, sharing and loving.

Where do you encourage our readers to seek inspiration to start their week?



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