Lauren Imparato

Founder and owner of I.AM .YOU studio

Lauren Imparato

I.AM.YOU. is a mixture of tradition and modernity. It takes the ancient teachings and makes them applicable to today – in the philosophical dharmic sense, the physical asana sense, and in the musical nada yoga or sound sense. It works your entire body – the tangible and intangible.

My love of sweat and challenging myself physically is evident in each class, which is carefully planned out sequences of asanas, breaths, and transitions, or truly vinyasa krama. My love of learning shines through via the precise alignment comments, adjustments, and the philosophical or dharmic note that sets the theme for each class.  And above all, my love of life is confirmed by the out-of-this-world music mixes which I.AM.YOU.'s resident dj, (dj)vintaj, creates for each and every class. The music – which spans from rock and roll to flamenco, from hip-hop to jazz, from punk to salsa, just to mention a few – ties together the intellectual and the physical notes of an I.AM.YOU. class. It unites the body and the mind. In doing so, it solidifies the  truly 360-degree experience that is I.AM.YOU


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