Lara Land

Owner, Instructor / Land Yoga

Photo of Lara Land, owner/instructor, Land Yoga in New York City

I studied frequently in India and with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and now with his grandson Sharath and mother Saraswathi, who are my major influences. I am charged everyday by the power of their lineage which has its own expression as it flows through me and bounces off the energy of my students in their present moment. I believe in continuous study and practice so that it is all inside of me and I can act on deep instinct and intuition when I am teaching.

I have no expectations for how my students should feel after class. From my experience, their feelings run the gamut. They are encouraged to return and practice day after day with the understanding that each day will be different. I am interested in unfolding habits, surprising the self, facing fear and allowing for the unknown.

The mat is a mirror for all of life and a chance to retrain our bodies to slow down in times of stress instinct. Our life experience is carried within us creating a physical record in our bodies. With yoga, there is a chance to clear the slate each day and allow for experience to flow through us freely.

With the Ashtanga practice, there is a set structure to move around in, which ultimately makes room for more freedom. Likewise, I feel that my job is to be a consistent loving but unwavering force in my student’s lives. Without students there is no teacher, so I am boundlessly grateful for my students, who fill my life with purpose. I founded Land Yoga out of the conviction that Ashtanga yoga could be accessible, healing and grounding for my community and it has proven to be that and more. Daily, I watch with amazement as my students grow more confident, healthy, committed and joyful. Their experience with yoga will inform how they live their lives and the ways they interact with others, fostering happiness for all beings now and in the future.


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