Kristin McGee

Yoga teacher, fitness expert, creator of Bendigirl

Kristin McGee

I always thought I'd be a traditional schoolteacher, yet I am very untraditional. When I discovered yoga, everything aligned for me. I love teaching something so traditional in heritage, yet very open to transformation and exploration.

I love discovering the minutae of yoga and the tiny muscle groups I never realized I had, or an eighth of an inch more space in some place in my body, or how my emotions match my musculature. The issues are in our tissues. I love discovering. I never want to stop growing, feeling, being and sharing in any and every way possible.

I created Bendigirl out of fun in 2003, after the producer I worked with on the MTV yoga series nicknamed me Bendigirl. I just think the name is so great and it sums up everything I want to be – flexible, fun, spirited and young at heart. I started teaching yoga to young girls to help foster self-esteem and positive body image and decided Bendigirl was the best way to name the class. It's caught on and I now teach Bendigirl at Reebok, the Jewish Community Center and at Birthday parties, as well as on a DVD I made in 2005. All of my classes could be called Bendigirl or Bendiboy, even my adult classes ... everyone falls and being ‘bendy,’ being well rounded, being flexible, allows us to bounce back instead of break. Soon falling becomes fun, not fearful, and you can live your life with courage and grace instead of anxiety and caution.


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