Interview: Fred DeVito

Co-Founder of Exhale Spa, Co-Creator of Core Fusion

alignyo interview with Exhale Spa Founder Fred DeVito
Exhale founders Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred Devito
Core Fusion Yoga at Exhale Spa
Become a barre teacher at Exhale Spa.

When we want to break a sweat, but don’t feel like hitting the mat, we head to Exhale Spa for a Core Fusion class. It still involves a lot of matwork, but not the type we yogis are use to. Exhale Spa founders, husband and wife Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp helped bring the barre workout to the masses to create the craze that it is today. With locations throughout the country and at drool-worthy resorts in the Carribbean, Exhale is gearing up to launch a barre teacher training in the fall. We had the opportunity to chat with Fred DeVito about why yogis should hit the mat for Core Fusion, his favorite way to unwind and more.

How will a core fusion class benefit yogis?

Core Fusion, which uses your own body weight as resistance, balances your muscular strength and flexibility, with a particular focus on the core. By strengthening your core, you increase your potential for a more advanced asana practice because of a deepening strengthening of the bandhas. This increased bandha strength reduces stress on all the major joints of the body and decreases injury. 

How will more yoga benefit barre junkies?

Yoga can act as the yin to their yang offering focused breathing and a mindful practice. We use the same mindful approach in Core Fusion. 

Any advice for someone who wants to open their own studio?

Most importantly, you need to be sure that you love the practice and that you love helping others to evolve their fitness level. 

Describe your typical Sunday. Any rituals you absolutely won’t skip?

We enjoy quiet time together at home. Elisabeth loves to take a ballet class (she is a former professional ballet dancer) and I play my stand up bass (musician also!) 

When you’re teaching classes or leading a teacher training, what’s one thing you like to eat to help you stay energized and focused?

Kind Bars, especially the Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate because it has extra protein for energy duration. 

You and your wife have created five signature classes for Exhale, where do you find the inspiration for new exercise moves and signature workouts?

When we create classes for the program, we follow some consistent principles such as form over function, less is more, strength in stillness, and balance of strength, flexibility, and cardio. We use a variety of movements from dance, pilates, sports, and yoga that are challenging and fun.

Thinking of becoming a Core Fusion barre teacher? Find out more about Exhale’s upcoming Barre Training in the fall


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