Elena Brower

Yoga teacher, founder and co-owner of Virayoga

Elena Brower

Virayoga is an Anusara studio. Inherent in the architecture and philosophy of Anusara is the basic tenet of individual expression, so we have a range of voices and personalities offering the tradition here.

I use the asana to bring us closer to an elegant understanding of who we are and why we’re here; more precisely, how each of us can serve in the world, in the most quotidian moments to the biggest choices of our lives. For example, I'm here to teach and explore healing en masse. One student is here to make his patients feel better, another to guide her clients into financial abundance, another to create beautiful music. Once we sort out, through the fearless consideration of our most frustrating tendencies and complexities, our reason for being here, we can bring a fresh approach to our lives. We can bring more grace to our families, our work, our friendships. So, folks come to my classes for simple sequencing, with an eye toward the relevance of the yoga in our daily lives.

Lately I've been co-teaching with Vinyasa teachers and other Anusara teachers who offer more advanced poses, so I’m teaching more arm balances. To link those stronger poses to the inner work and watch the results in the students’ bodies and faces is my favorite aspect of my job.


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