Derek Beres

Yoga teacher, D.J. and writer

Derek Beres

Physically, I like a rigorous flow that maintains a strong emphasis on proper breathing and alignment – I like students to be challenged, but with intention and purpose. I spend every Sunday plotting out my playlist, which pulls from over a decade of international music journalism, DJing and production, so that the sounds and the flow are locked together.

Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell [are major influences]. I studied Eastern philosophy for years before I began practicing asana, and too often find yoga’s teachings watered down to fit into the teacher’s agenda, instead of the teacher rising up to understand philosophy in its proper context. Movement-wise, I’ve long loved Dharma Mittra’s teachings, and am enrolled in Leslie Kaminoff’s online anatomy course – he is incredible at weaving philosophy into the body.

I hope students leave my class a little bit stronger, a little calmer, a little more focused, a lot more understanding of others. Class moves in two directions – I attempt the same for myself through [my students]. And if the music moves them, I post the song/artist names on my website every week, and I hope they support the musicians, too.


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