April Martucci

Yoga teacher, founder of Firedragonyoga

April Martucci

I think it’s amazing that so many people are into doing this ancient practice. I love that people want to know themselves and realize that it’s the key to knowing others – you’ve got to know you, first! It’s about seeing clearly, awareness, and living life with an open heart. We need to express and live with all our emotions and personalities – that is yoga, not doing a perfect Warrior 2 or a beautiful forearm stand. Own your stuff, and be kind while doing so.

I have taught everywhere in Gotham, but now I teach primarily at Reebok Sports Club/NY and privately, and I am conducting a teacher training. FireDragon yoga is a dynamic Vinyasa practice. In China, when one is born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the fire dragon, it is a most celebratory time. Fire dragons breathe vigor and power; natural leaders, they smile at adversity, turn complainers into optimists, and lead lives that are inspiring and transformative. The practice is the same: vigorous yet calming, strong and supple at the same time – athletic and healing all at once.

I welcome all levels, but the classes are challenging; I bring it back to the early scene in NYC – kick-butt yoga. I don’t water it down, but I invite you to modify and go at your pace. We all need to listen to our bodies – that is the practice, honoring ourselves – but I am a huge fan of being pushed out of the comfort zone. It’s playful. I love this practice and the work – and I want people to have fun, to explore and not take themselves so seriously. I play music to encourage the fun, healing vibe, and students leave feeling full, grounded, and quiet in both mind and body.


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